Thinking of selling but not sure if this is the right time? Simply put, there is no right time – it totally depends on YOUR circumstances and needs at the time. While there are many steps in ensuring YOU get the best possible price for YOUR property, the first one has to be establishing the value of the property you have for sale. Not only will this help you determine your net worth but it will also be the starting point for your next real estate adventure.

Having a property appraisal will give you an idea of the local property market. Carried out by a licensed real estate agent, an appraisal should give you an understanding of the price you could achieve for your property in the current market.

If you have made changes to your property – renovations, landscaping, added a pool – you will get a sense of the value added by your improvements.

If you are interested in investing, knowing the value of your home can tell you the equity you could use to help you with an investment.

If you are interested in downsizing or if the family is growing and you need a bigger home, a property valuation can help you set the goals for the move.

And sometimes, you just want to know what your property is worth.

Amanda Banton Real Estate knows the eastern suburbs and we know real estate market activity, locally, within Sydney and nationally. Our experience with an ever-changing market provides us with the knowledge needed to provide a reasonable and accurate valuation of YOUR property.

We do the homework for you, tracking sales and watching what is happening around the area. Our experience of the Eastern suburbs means we can provide an evaluation you can trust.

And when you have accurate information you can make the decisions that will allow you to achieve your property goals.

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If you are searching for a new property, Amanda Banton Real Estate has the knowledge, experience and expertise YOU need. We can help YOUR dream home become a reality.

First and foremost, we will work to understand what you are looking to buy.

Maybe you are looking for an investment property as a way of securing your financial future. Will an apartment or townhouse suit your needs or are you thinking more of a house and land?

Perhaps you have out grown your current house and you want to find something that will better suit your family. Are you after a pool? A 2or 3 car garage?

Whatever it is you have in mind, Amanda Banton Real Estate can assist YOU in finding the perfect property. We offer a high level of personal service and will make the process as simple and as hassle free as possible for YOU.

Amanda Banton Real Estate can show you a range of properties tailor-made for YOUR lifestyle and real estate goals. Whether it is a city penthouse, suburban cottage or something somewhere in the middle, we understand that a property purchase is the biggest financial commitment people make and we will work to minimise any chance for issues and problems.

Having worked in the eastern suburbs for many years, Amada Banton and her team, have developed an extensive network which means YOU will have access to the best properties available in the area. We won’t waste YOUR time showing properties that don’t suit your needs, or are outside your price range.

The team at Amanda Banton Real Estate make themselves available to answer your questions and ensure you are comfortable at every stage of the property purchase.

We know we’re not the only fish in the sea. There are many real estate agents wanting to sell you a home. At Amanda Banton Real Estate we know it’s the little things that will make a difference in the selection of an agent. Little things like being listened to and heard, like being available and like finding the right property.

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Selling the family home? Selling an investment property? Whatever type of property you are selling, take advantage of the knowledge, experience and expertise of Amanda Banton Real Estate.

We will find the smartest and most cost effective method to market YOUR property, so YOU can meet the goals of the sale. The team at Amanda Banton Real Estate work with you to understand what you want to achieve from the sale. We work with YOU to understand YOUR circumstances, then tailor the selling process to these circumstances.

An auction may be the best selling method but private sale may suit you better. A long campaign may be more cost effective or you may want the process to be over quickly.

Amanda Banton Real Estate will provide an accurate and honest appraisal of your property. Our experience of the current property market is second-to-none but we also use a system of extensive market research so regardless of where your property is located you will realise its maximum value.

We provide expert advice while still listening to YOU – we value the relationship more than the sale and know that we are better able to serve YOU if we have developed a strong and trusting relationship. It is through the relationship we can reach the best price, as this allows us to understand what you are hoping to realise through the property sale.

In a world full of noise, we understand the importance of marketing YOUR property and tailor this to suit your circumstances. Property viewing times are always agreed upon – we work with your schedule. We connect with you regularly as well provide weekly updates so you know what is happening.

Selling time can vary for a number of reasons – the market may be slow or they may be a large number of other properties available. Be sure, that we will review our selling strategy if there are no offers forthcoming. Likewise, if an offer is presented, we will put this to you immediately and work with you to achieve the best possible price.

Contact Amanda Banton Real Estate today – it’s the things we do that will make the difference for YOU.

Rental Management

If you have an investment property or are looking to rent your home, Amanda Banton Real Estate have the team to work for YOU. We would feel privileged to appraise your property and provide you with an honest and accurate assessment of what you can expect as a rental return. We have extensive experience in the property market and have access to the latest market research on rental returns and rates in the local area and beyond.

The Property Management team at Amanda Banton Real Estate will provide stress-free management of your asset, so you can get on with your life-style with any worry. We make sure your property is protected and safe through our tenant selection process, a cost-effective maintenance program and keeping you apprised of anything you need to know about the property.

Because Amanda Banton and her team have extensive experience in the local area, they have built up a strong network of contractors who work on time and on budget. Our contractors understand what is needed not only for quality repairs but in property management. Just as the team at Amanda Banton Real Estate understand the value of good client relationships, we value good working relationship with the trades people we contract for our properties.

Once you have chosen Amanda Banton Real Estate, you can relax knowing you will receive accurate and detailed property condition reports which contain thorough details on the way your property is being looked after. These reports will include many photos of all parts of the properties. At Amanda Banton Real Estate we aim to return the property to you at the end of each tenancy in the same condition as when the tenant moved in. This is our guarantee to YOU.

With a level of expertise and experience that is second-to-none, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your valuable asset is in the hands of one of the most professional property management teams you can find.

At Amanda Banton Real Estate, all our team views the management of your property as a privilege. This means we make a determined effort to manage it in your best interest at all times.

Buyers Advocate
While a long established practice in the US, buyer’s advocates are relatively new to the Australian market – but they are growing in popularity. Why? Well, doesn’t everyone want an expert in their corner when they are looking for property? Someone who will look after your interests 100%? That’s what a Buyer’s Advocate can offer. Amanda Banton Real Estate offers an exemplary Buyer’s Advocate service. Our team have extensive experience of the local area and strong network connections across a number of real estate services, including other agents, property inspectors and conveyancers. A Buyer’s Advocate has the potential to save you money. They help you understand what the property is worth so that you don’t miss an opportunity should it arise. The Buyer’s Advocate team at Amanda Banton has the expertise and local knowledge to know what the right questions are, and the skill to ask them. Our team are experienced in negotiations and our market research & local knowledge arms with accurate valuation data. This allows us to challenge price expectations and work to get the best price for YOU. At Amanda Banton Real Estate we understand how important your time is to you. Let us do the hard work of locating the properties that suit your property goals. We will only take you to the properties in your price range or that meet your specific needs. One of the key benefits of using the Amanda Banton Real Estate Buyer’s Advocate service is our ability to keep the search for property realistic to your goals. Chris Eves, a property economics professor at Queensland University of Technology, believes the “average buyer might be over anxious and be more likely to pay over market”. We take this emotional stress out of the real estate process. Whether it is negotiating a private dale or bidding for you at auction, Amanda Banton Real Estate Buyer’s Advocate service will work for YOU, making sure we save you time, anxiety and money.