Choosing the best estate agent

  1. What makes a good real estate agent?
Buying and selling property is a big deal, literally & metaphorically. You want to know the agent you choose is one you can trust and ensure that the ‘big deal’ is the ‘best deal’. At Amanda Banton Real Estate we believe a good real estate agent will have these three essential qualities:
  • Potential properties and buyers – a good real estate agent doesn’t just see a house – they see the people who would best suit that house. It is important you choose an agent that sells lots of similar properties to your own as this is likely to mean they already have people on their books who were interested in those properties and will be interested in yours. As a buyer, a good agent will listen to your property needs – the type of house you want & the features you are looking for – and introduce to these types of properties when they are available.
  • Doing the hard yards – having a list of potential buyers is only worthwhile if the agent it going be proactive in presenting your property to them. Typically, an agent will have a number of properties for sale and you want to know your agent is doing their best & spending the time to promote your property.
  • Skill in marketing – selling real estate is a profession with specific skills. You want to know your agent is experienced & well-informed – about selling & about your area. Recommendations for an agent are important but keep in mind online reviews can sometimes be created by marketers and not actual clients. Talking to the agent is important – do they present as sincere & knowledgeable?
  1. Narrowing down the choice
  • Choose an agent that is selling properties similar to yours, as mentioned they will have available potential buyers. Search online and look at the agents who have the most recent sales in your area and for your type of property – this can give you a shortlist of agents you can contact.
  • Talk to the agents on the shortlist. You will get an immediate impression but also ask lots of questions. Do they have similar properties? Ask them about their recent sales. Ask how they will advertise your property and the charges that will be associated with the sale of your home.
  • You don’t have to go with the first agent. You can get multiple valuations from multiple agents. One agent may tell you they can get a higher price for your home but if this is not realistic you will waste time as the property will sit on the market. A lower valuation will mean a quicker sale but you miss out on the best price.
  • Don’t just focus on the fees. A cheaper fee isn’t always the best way to go, as this agent may not be the one who will get you the best price.
Amanda Banton Real estate has the people to help you buy or sell property. At Amanda Banton Real Estate our number one priority is YOU. We believe we are simply the best agents you will find, please contact us so we can convince you of this as well.

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