There is no doubt that for most people buying a home will be the biggest financial decision they make in their lives. Buying a home is a time of great excitement but there are also feelings of nervousness and fear, as seeing all the available listings is time-consuming and the ability to keep an objective eye can be difficult. While certainly a time of joy, the process is a roller coaster of emotions and can be exhausting when added to a routine of work and family life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an expert on your side who has your best interests at heart and can help you navigate the real estate process? Well, there is – a buyer’s advocate.

A buyer’s advocate can search for the properties that meet your specific needs and criteria, then negotiate the purchase of the property you choose either through private sale or the auction process. Whether a new family home or an investment property, a buyer’s advocate brings their experience and expertise. If you have found the property yourself, an advocate could simply negotiate the purchase or bid at an auction for you.

Having a buyer’s advocate is not essential for property purchase but using one brings several advantages:

  1. A buyer’s advocate can save you money

    With experience in negations and expertise in property valuation, a buyer’s advocate understands the value of a property and has the skills to obtain the best possible price.

  2. A buyer’s advocate saves you time

    As mentioned, working through all the possible listings for property sales is a time-consuming process. Not only is there the online & newspaper trawling but you also need to make time to see the properties, which can eat into a weekend. A buyer’s advocate listens to your property criteria, then does the hard work of searching for the houses which meet these criteria. They can look at ten properties and narrow down the search to those that meet your needs, giving you a heads-up on the best suited properties.

  3. A buyer’s advocate can provide access to off-market properties

    Many properties never make it to the online real estate sites. A buyer’s advocate often has access to these properties, providing you with opportunities you would not have if you are searching yourself.

  4. A buyer’s advocate has experience in negotiating & bidding

    For most people bidding at an auction or negotiating the best price can be a very daunting process. This is especially the case if it is their first experience in the real estate market. A buyer’s advocate will have the experience of bidding at auctions which will allow them to utilise strategies to both prevent overbidding as well as help put off the competition.

Key to the benefit of using a buyer’s advocate is that in all the advantages listed above, a buyer’s advocate has no emotional investment. They examine properties through eyes that look for the criteria set by you at the beginning of the process. It is easy to get carried away when negotiating for something you really like or get caught up in the competition of bidding at an auction.

Amanda Banton Real Estate offers an exemplary Buyer’s Advocate service, and we work for YOU, making sure we save you time, anxiety, and money.

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